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Do I have Rights as a Grandparent?

It’s not uncommon for grandparents to assume a very strong parental like role for their grandchildren.  Many grandchildren see their grandparents daily, whether it be due to their parents living with their grandparents, living near their grandparents, or allowing the grandparents to take on many of the day-to-day responsibilities [...]

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Child Custody: 3 Actions Fathers Must Take to Establish Rights

Fathers frequently struggle with equal rights to their children, often times blaming it on "the system." And while it's true that the child custody system does have flaws, It's usually failure to follow the three steps discussed in the video that leads to problems with Father's Rights: Establishing Paternity [...]

Child Support: Why You May Have To Pay For a Child That Isn’t Yours

When a child is born, both parents have a legal duty to support that child until the child is 18 years old. Because there are many different types of families, one thing that many parents are confused about is which children they are obligated to support.  While it’s usually [...]

Family Law Cases & Social Media

Social Networking may not be as harmless as you think....... Back in the day, the only form of evidence was that which was testified or brought to the courtroom; charts, graphs, letters, items, official documents, etc.   However, as the time progresses and technology continues to improve, many more things can [...]

Divorce: 4 Things a Pre-Nup Can’t Do

I'm sure most of you are at least familiar with the term Premarital Agreement ( although you probably refer to it using its more common reference: a “Pre-Nup.”) While most have heard of the term, few know understand it's purpose or know how they work. So what exactly is [...]

Divorce: Before You Pack Your Bags…

Deciding to end your marriage is one of the most difficult decisions a couple may have to make. Commonly, because of the emotional tension that comes with the territory of a divorce, irrationality kicks in resulting in words such as "Get your stuff & get out!" OR "I'm leaving [...]

Hiring a Family Lawyer

Choosing a lawyer to represent you in your family law case can very difficult, especially when you don’t know where to start.  While some people simply “google” different lawyers in their area that practice the area of law they need help with, this is not a very practical approach [...]

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Going to Court

Although on television, court appearances are often portrayed as being easy breezy, in reality, it can actually be very daunting.  After all, when your life, family, money, assets, or other things of importance are on the line, and a judge or jury is the one with the power to [...]

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Child Support Basics

When going through a divorce with children involved, being a single-parent, or co-parenting, it is important that the child involved receive adequate support. In California, unless the parents agree to a different amount, both the amount of child support and which parent is obligated to pay support will be [...]

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Domestic Violence: A Restraining Order Could Save Your Life

You or someone you know may have been there: Involved in a relationship, which turns into abuse, and remain in the relationship because of love. Oftentimes it's easy to believe that because you love someone you can help them change or that their "I'm sorry" is real this time. [...]