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Child Support: Why You May Have To Pay For a Child That Isn’t Yours

When a child is born, both parents have a legal duty to support that child until the child is 18 years old. Because there are many different types of families, one thing that many parents are confused about is which children they are obligated to [...]

Child Custody: The Importance of Caution When Dating Someone New

Far too often, innocent children are abused and/or intentionally killed by those they or their parents know, love, and trust. Of and applying order Just skin. The wait on as is small: available.  Otherwise, statistics show that abuse is more commonly committed by someone the [...]

Child Custody: When Parents Live In Two Different States

When families become divided (when the parents divorce or otherwise separate), one of the most important issues that must be decided is where the children will live.  This is especially concerning when one of the parents lives in or plans to relocate to a different city or state; anytime parents [...]