3d book cover stackedIn a world where millions of families are headed by single parents, more than 40%  of children are being raised without their fathers, thousands of blended families form in the United States every day, and children who live in a blended family are three times more likely to need psychological counseling than other children, one thing is for sure-Stuff Happens! Although in an ideal situation, parents would be happily married, in a relationship, or at least able to parent together peacefully, in many of our realities, unfortunately, the ideal situation does not exist.

The Business of Co-Parenting: For Single Moms, is the first book of a ground-breaking series written for parents who are struggling with either making the transition into a divided family or struggling with co-parenting peacefully. In this debut book, Mrs. Grayson applies her experience as a wife, mother, step-mother, and Family Law Attorney and shares the practical methods her family implements in order to co-parent successfully. Mrs. Grayson hopes that by sharing the knowledge and wisdom that she has gained both through her own personal and professional experience, that she may serve as a guide to help mothers overcome many obstacles and dysfunction that often accompany divided and blended families. Her insight will equip you with the tools and many surprising, yet needed techniques to take control of your divided family so that you may live in peace and focus on what is truly in the best interest of your child.

Merissa V. Grayson is the principal attorney at The Law Office of Merissa V. Grayson, a law firm located in the Los Angeles, California area that is dedicated to helping individuals and their families find legal solutions. With sincere dedication to helping individuals and their families resolve common problems, she is also a Divided Family Mediator, Motivational Speaker and Co-parenting coach to parents across the country who need help navigating the dynamics of divided family relationships and principles in order to build a better future for their families.