This is not your typical California Family Law Firm.  From our customer service and the way we manage our clients, to our service and billing structure and the resources we share, we push the boundaries of the legal industry’s idea of what legal representation should look like. For this reason, many of my competitors are unhappy with me, but that’s all right, because my clients are very happy.


Many people are surprised to learn that in many ways I am just like them. Although I am a successful professional, I am also married with three children and very family-oriented – which means, like you, when I clock in, I am focused and tackle my work day with integrity and passion.  But also like you, when I clock out, I enjoy being able to participate in my childrens’ extra-curricular activities and family events after the work day is done. I believe in the importance of family and I’ve been told that’s one of the reasons why I’m so good at what I do

My oldest child is my stepson, who lives with us full-time.  I know what it feels like to go thru a custody battle or fight for child support.  I also know what it takes to turn divided family conflict into what feels like magic – homes filled with harmony, peace and love.

I, my family members, or close friends have personally dealt with almost every aspect of family law that you can think of.  I am able to bring both my real life and legal experience to the table; you name it, there’s a strong chance I have first or second-hand experience with that situation.  I try to treat every case as if it were my own, and work hard to help my clients through these situations to achieve the best possible outcome.


One of my focuses has always been to provide information to people that typically isn’t shared by lawyers. One thing I understand is that, while most lawyers keep their legal knowledge to themselves (after all, our knowledge is essentially our money maker), doing this only makes things more complicated for the client.  My purpose in life is to make the lives of families less-complicated. So, whether you’re one of my clients or someone who is simply browsing my site online, one thing is for sure, you will have many opportunities to learn from me.  Interested? Check out my resources.


One of the major complaints made by those who are unsatisfied with their Lawyers is that they cannot ever get in touch with them when they need them.  My clients don’t have that problem.  The court system is already complicated enough.   I don’t believe in keeping my clients in the dark; I believe in educating my clients about the child custody/ support, or divorce process so they can feel confident in every move they make. After all, at the end of the day, they’re the ones who have to live with their decisions and the results of them.

As my client, you are not simply assigned a number and filed away.  You are not handed off to other attorneys or legal staff, only to rarely hear from me directly.  While I do have an amazing team that supports me, I will personally work with you, get to know you and your situation, and how I can help.  Because of the solid relationships I build with my clients, I am able to provide more personalized, non-traditional services, catering to clients in ways that most Lawyers won’t:

  • By design, I have a limited case load that I have hand-picked myself. Although I could, like many lawyers, accept 100’s of cases at one time, I believe quality representation is more important than quantity, and the way I provide this, is by limiting the number of cases I accept.
  • My clients are like family – we talk, we text, we email, they attend my events, I attend theirs, and in many cases, we keep in touch once their case is resolved.
  • Coming to my office for every meeting is not required. Dealing with legal problems is stressful enough. Who also wants to deal with the stress of Los Angeles traffic? – We conveniently video chat, meet at restaurants, and in select cases, the client’s home, etc. to confidentially discuss their case as needed.
  • My clients never have to wonder “what’s going on” in their case because they receive weekly updates from our team, copies of all important items, and have access to their case file via our secure online client portal.


While I firmly believe that I can be a great attorney for anyone, I am not the attorney for everyone.  As mentioned, I believe in quality representation and intentionally maintain a very limited-hand selected case load.  Although many attorneys will take on any case that walks through the door, I decline full representation just as often as I accept cases, sometimes more.  Sometimes, a prospective client/case is just not a good fit for my firm, other times, full representation may not be necessary.  I also understand that everyone is not in a financial position to invest in full legal representation.  For this reason, I developed a few alternative legal service options.  Inquire here.


Most Family Law Attorneys charge by the hour. In California, this could range anywhere between $200-800+ per hour!  When I worked at other law firms, one of the most exasperating tasks was keeping up with hourly billing.  In my opinion, the concept of hourly billing is often tainted by the goal of maximizing dollars (by overbilling and underperforming).  I decided that the focus of my practice is better spent on our clients, not billing.  That’s why I implemented a flat fee system.  This means that my clients pay a flat fee for work as it’s done on their case, regardless of the number of hours we put in.  This is a win-win situation; you’ll always know exactly what every decision and move costs before you make it – no more surprising bills showing balances due that you didn’t anticipate, and we don’t have to exhaust valuable time and resources trying to keep up with hours.


This is predominantly a Family law practice.  My forte is complex Child Custody & Visitation, but I also handle other family law matters.  Me and everyone on my team are passionate about it; we live it, we breathe it, and oftentimes surprise many by achieving results for our clients they think are farfetched.  At the same time, we always keep it real, ensuring that our clients are clear on their expectations and have a realistic sense of the pros and cons of their particular situation.

Although Family Law is my practice focus, because I am also an Entrepreneur, running a business legally is another area of law in which I’m very knowledgeable and provide limited legal services and education.  You can find out more at my Business & Branding Law Page.