Parenting Plan – What to include

When parents sit down and create a parenting plan, or when custody orders are made by the court, there are typically several things that are automatically included.  Things such as which parent will have the custody and control of the children during each day, who will be in charge of [...]

Child Custody Agreement – Do you need one?

When parents separate, one of the biggest concerns is: "what's going to happen with the kids?" Do you NEED a child custody agreement? Some parents already know that they will take on primary care of their kids. Others decide that they will share custody of the kids equally. And many find [...]

Child support – are you paying or receiving the right amount?

You would think that when a court makes orders regarding child support that it will automatically be calculated correctly.  And, in most cases it probably is, but in some it’s not. I’ve come across far too many cases lately that have miscalculated child support and the person paying or receiving [...]

How to Prove Child Support Payments : 7 proactive things you can do

When a child is born, both parents have a financial responsibility for that child. It’s not uncommon, once the parents separate, for both parents to contribute to the daily needs of the child; they share time with the child, school expenses, extracurricular activity expenses, purchase clothes, and in many [...]

Can I Sign Over My Parental Rights?

One of the most frequently asked questions received from parents relates to whether a parent can sign over parental rights to a child that they, for one reason or another, have no intention of assuming parental responsibility for. And while there is a widespread belief that a parent's desire to avoid [...]

Child Support: Receiving Support During Pregnacy

Most people have a general understanding that when a child is born, both parents have a legal duty to support that child until the child is 18 years old.  What’s not so clear is what happens before the child is born.  Specifically, can a mother receive child support for an [...]

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Child Custody: What to Do if You’re Being Denied Your Rights

A common complaint from fathers of divided families is that their child's mom "won't let them" be involved in their child's life. Contrary to popular belief, except in cases of extreme circumstance, fathers typically have a right to be just as involved in their child's life as the mother. [...]

Why Usher Raymond Didn’t Lose Custody-Even After His Son Nearly Drowned

Usher Raymond’s ex-wife, Tameka Raymond, recently filed an Emergency motion seeking a change in custody of their minor children. Last year, in an intense custody battle, Usher was granted primary custody of the children. Recently, one of their son’s Usher Raymond V was swimming in the pool at home [...]

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Do I have Rights as a Grandparent?

It’s not uncommon for grandparents to assume a very strong parental like role for their grandchildren.  Many grandchildren see their grandparents daily, whether it be due to their parents living with their grandparents, living near their grandparents, or allowing the grandparents to take on many of the day-to-day responsibilities [...]

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Child Custody: 3 Actions Fathers Must Take to Establish Rights

Fathers frequently struggle with equal rights to their children, often times blaming it on "the system." And while it's true that the child custody system does have flaws, It's usually failure to follow the three steps discussed in the video that leads to problems with Father's Rights: Establishing Paternity [...]

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