Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence: A Restraining Order Could Save Your Life

You or someone you know may have been there: Involved in a relationship, which turns into abuse, and remain in the relationship because of love. Oftentimes it's easy to believe that because you love someone you can help them change or that their "I'm sorry" is real this time. [...]

Domestic Violence Basics

Unfortunately, at some point many families experience domestic violence issues.  Some families experience domestic violence and do not even know it.  Other families experience domestic violence continuously and don’t know how or are afraid to get out of the situation. Domestic Violence is broadly defined as a pattern of abusive [...]

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Sometimes More Than a Restraining Order is Necessary

Unfortunately, domestic violence is an issue that many people face. While sadly many people falsely report violence, in most situations, domestic violence is very real. But why? Why does domestic violence happen? For the same reasons other types of violence happen: Some people grow up in abusive environments and [...]

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