When going through a divorce with children involved,
being a single-parent, or co-parenting, it is important
that the child involved receive adequate support.

In California, unless the parents agree to a different amount,
both the amount of child support and which parent is obligated
to pay support will be determined by using a formula that is set
by the state.

The child support formula considers:

1. the amount of time each parent spends with the
child (often referred to as the parent’s timeshare)
2. the income of each parent
3. the number of children each parent has from
another relationship
4. any hardships each parent has

Once child support has been ordered, if the circumstances of
either parent materially change, they may request modification
of ordered child support accordingly. Additionally, once per
year, either parent may request that the other parent provide
satisfactory proof of their income and expenses.