Contrary to popular belief, child custody is not always granted to mothers.  In general, both parents have the right to frequent and continuing contact with their child. A child’s right to have a relationship with either parent is not based on the gender of the child or parent. One parent’s ill feelings towards the other parent also do not necessarily determine that other parent’s rights. The right to have a relationship with a child is based on what is in the child’s best interest; if a dispute regarding child custody or visitation is placed into the court system, the Judge will consider many factors to determine custody and visitation, but these factors ultimately rely upon what’s in the child’s best interest.

As time passes, more and more fathers are stepping up to the plate and becoming increasingly more active in the lives of their children.  Absent exigent circumstances, a father who has been actively involved in their child’s life, and/or genuinely desires such involvement will likely be granted visitation with his child, and in many cases may even be granted primary or joint custody of the child once a custody case is filed.

Unfortunately, oftentimes fathers are denied their right to have custody/visitation with their child, not because a father’s rights do not exist, but because he is either:

  • unaware of his rights and feels helpless,
  • aware of his rights, but doesn’t know how to enforce them,
  • aware of his rights, but doesn’t want to make the effort to enforce them.

We understand that just like mothers, you want to have the right to:

  • make educational and medical decisions related to your child
  • have consistent parenting time with your child
  • be able to travel the country or even the world with your child
  • enroll your child extra-curricular activities
  • participate in all of your child’s school and outside events

We advocate for our clients to ensure that they, as fathers, are able to do the above and more! Our sensitivity to father’s perspectives has resulted in our reputation for being an assertive Father’s Rights practice, as we routinely and successfully challenge society’s traditional notions of what a parenting plan “should” look like – many of our fathers are granted joint legal custody and full physical custody, 50/50 shared custody, or a significant visitation schedule that enables them to have frequent contact with their child and the ability to build a strong bond and true parenting relationship with them.

For more information on father’s rights, check out our articles, A Father’s Rights to Custody & Visitation and  3 Steps Fathers Must Take to Establish Their rights.

If you’re ready to play a bigger role in your child’s life, understand that you have the legal right to do so.  We can help you establish and enforce these rights.  For more information on how we can help you, give us a call at 310-321-4617.