MERISSA V. GRAYSON, is a Florida native, who earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology with a minor in Education and specialization in Criminal Justice from The University of Florida where she competed on the Track and Field Team. She earned her Juris Doctor Degree from the University Of West Los Angeles College Of Law.

The Author of The Business of Co-Parenting, a ground-breaking series written for parents and step-parents who are struggling with either making the transition into a Divided/Blended Family or struggling with co-parenting peacefully, Merissa has built a reputation for being the Divided & Blended Family Expert, helping separated and step parents navigate the dynamics of Divided/Blended family relationships and principles in order to build a better future for their families.

As a Wife, Mother, Step-Mother, and Family Lawyer with sincere dedication to helping individuals and their families resolve common problems, make smooth transitions, and get on a path that’s aligned with their goals, she is also a Divided Family Mediator and Co-parenting Coach to parents across the country.

A rising Entrepreneur and sought after Speaker, Merissa frequently speaks at schools, churches, legal clinics, and other non-profits and organizations on topics related to family, entrepreneurship, and self-development.  She also holds educational legal seminars and leads the Legal Ministry at her church monthly in an effort to raise awareness throughout the community and to encourage individuals to be proactive in their legal affairs.

Founder of The Law Office of Merissa V. Grayson, Merissa helps individuals and families through various situations that are common, and arise in many families every day such as Child Custody & Visitation, Child Support, Divorce, Domestic Violence, and more.

The skills Merissa have gained through both her personal and work experience are beneficial to her career, as it is all relevant to her earnest dedication to helping individuals and their families reach their greatest potential.

Merissa is very well-rounded, personable, easy to talk to, loves helping people, and just so happens to be a Lawyer.