Mediation is one of the most practical ways for parents to resolve disputes related to child custody, time-sharing, visitation, child support, and co-parenting.

Mediation is perfect for parents who:

  • Don’t want to fight in court.
  • Have no current custody, visitation, or support order in place OR want to change or personalize the orders they have in place to better reflect their current family situation.
  • Are interested in exploring options that will assist with the transition into a divided/blended family OR are looking for new options to help improve and strengthen the dynamic of their divided/blended family (i.e. counseling, courses, evaluations, community programs, and other resources).
  • Just want solutions.

Through mediation, I help divided families resolve disputes by shifting their focus to the overall goals for their children rather than their underlying problems which are essentially unimportant when it comes to the legal issues.

Parents of divided families often experience emotional roller coasters, frustration, anger, confusion, and more; it all naturally comes with the territory of being separated.  These emotions often lead to a chain of problems as they interfere with the ability to think sensibly and act soley in the best interest of the children involved. As a result, parents  unnecessarily resort to battling it out in court, which is by and large extremely time consuming, stressful, and costly for everyone involved.

In mediation, which takes place in a relaxed, yet structured atmosphere, parents meet with me to facilitate an open discussion during which they are able to confidentially communicate and discuss any issues of concern, goals, and proposed solutions.  As no divided family is the same, no two mediation sessions will be the same.

As a mediator, I am a neutral party; I do not represent either party, but work carefully with the parents to help them figure out what will work best for their divided/blended family.  I will then specifically tailor a unique agreement for the parents, which will ultimately be submitted to the Court with a request that it be made an enforceable court order.

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