Although technically it is unlawful for a Judge,  jury, or other government official to discriminate against you because of race, sex, religion, the way you look, etc, this probably stands only as much as saying an employer can’t technically refuse to hire you because of these factors.  However, we all know that regardless of what one “technically” is  authorized to do or “prohibited” from doing, race, religion, clothing, hairstyles, and many other physical attributes affect decisions that are made everyday; everyday in all areas of life, people treat others differently just because they are dressed/look a certain way.

As mentioned before, in prior articles, almost daily, I  observe people walking in and out of the Judge’s chambers and courtrooms.   Many who were “dressed up” walked out with smiles on their faces while many who had not “dressed up” were upset, some even crying as a result of the penalty they received.  I’ve even witnessed those who were not dressed accordingly being asked to leave the courtroom, and sometimes to leave the court.

I believe that how you dress can have an impact on your hearing.  So, in the video below, I discuss the do’s & don’ts of court attire.