Each week I get inquiries to my law office regarding legal advice and legal representation.

Each week someone complains that they don’t understand why they have to pay for a consultation or why my legal fees are so “high.” Because they can easily find it free or cheaper elsewhere (I graciously recommend that they go with those places instead).

Each week I’m perfectly fine with these people weeding themselves out of my potential client funnel and let me tell you why:

The most common complaint people make about their lawyer, is that they can’t reach them and they don’t return phone calls. The next common complaint is that they are billed thousands and thousands of dollars, but don’t have results.

I have amazing clients. I speak to most of them at least once/week if something is happening in their case. But, if necessary, they are able to reach me via email, text, or a call to my cell phone as needed…and I work very diligently on their case with integrity to help them seek their desired results as efficiently as possible…EVEN while I’m on vacation. They pay good money for this access and for my advocacy, as it’s priceless to know that 1)I’m not just billing them endlessly and taking their money with minimal results and
2)they can reach me when an “emergency” happens.

For this reason (and many more), I:
-am not one of the cheapest lawyers you will find
-do not offer FREE consultations
-do not accept everyone who wants to work with me
-do not deal with “drama-fueling” people
-do not have any problems with my clients. (did I mention that they are amazing?) lol

So, If my clients, the very people who have trusted me with their children and families to INVEST in my services, have to pay for texts, phone calls, messages, etc…why would I offer the same thing to those who just want to “pick my brain” and have no intention of hiring me for FREE?

There are free articles and videos filled with legal information on my websites. I also have free ebooks,…